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Our Story

Our Story

The History of The Brick of Hackensack

The significance found in both the buildings facade and name, The Brick, originates to the last decade of the 19th century when ten brickyards operated along the Hackensack River and much of the clay used in manufacturing was harvested here in Hackensack.

In 1918 the Hackensack Brick Company either ferried its output in huge barges rowed by hand, or else hauled it a considerable distance by team to reach the railroad on the Ridgefield Park side of the Hackensack River. They thereafter became the first Hackensack brick company to acquire a fleet of motor trucks to overcome their serious transportation problems, thus circumventing the wartime shortage of railroad freight cars.

In the suburban building movement of the early twentieth century, brick had solidified its status as the preferred material for commercial buildings and has clung steadfastly to its time-honored reputation for permanency, stability, beauty, and economy.